Your Business, Your Customer, and Your Online Marketing Strategy

Your business, your customer, and your online marketing strategy is basically promoting your company using a variety of online channels that include organic search, email, social media, and display.  The internet and the advancement of the mobile industry is dramatically changing the way that people buy products or services. Today, the customer has much more power over the buying process and is armed with many online resources to conduct, share and review your company, products, services, and testimonials.

Creating and defining your online marketing strategy is crucial to acquiring a substantial return on your investment.  Every business must focus on developing their own brand online strategy. When you invest time in developing a well-structured strategy, you will not only increase in new opportunities but you will learn more about your competitors and how they are utilizing the internet.  Having a strategy will help your company move ahead of the competition and dramatically increase revenues.

Are You Prepared to Develop Your Online Marketing Strategy?

Here are a few important questions that will help you begin to develop a profitable online marketing strategy:

  • How do you intend to be perceived by your market?
  • Do you know your target market?
  • What digital devices are your clients using?
  • What online channels should you be utilizing?

Having a clear and well thought out strategy keeps your company focused and it will also serve as a map to explore new online marketing channels.  Being consistent and keeping updated on your online channels on a regular basis is also one of the many challenges of online marketing that many company’s face today. An effective strategy is the key to a clear understanding of your business from the start. To determine the right structure for your company you need to identify your mission statementobjectives, value proposition and your elevator pitch. Does your existing process fit into your online marketing strategy? Do you have the time and employees to maintain your online strategy?

How do you intend to be perceived by your market?

The first step is creating a mission statement that precisely defines your company. What makes you unique and standout from your competition?  Why should a client choose you over your competitor? Most importantly, your elevator pitch must provide the answers to these questions.

Understand Your Target Market and Digital Devices Used

To get the best return on your online investment it is crucial to reach the right target market.  Do you understand your audience and what motivates them to search online? The internet of today gives the digital customer much more control and are able to search for services, products, price comparisons, reviews and testimonials, not only on their desktop, but other digital devices such as mobile phones and IPads. You will start to wonder if you’re blessed or cursed especially if you go after the wrong target market.  It could cost you money down the road.  Do you know what your target audience wants? Do you know their goals? Do you know what they are looking to accomplish with this service or product?

Once you determine these crucial factors, you will be ready to create an online marketing strategy that is developed specifically for your company and in time will:

  • Improve your online presence
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Increase rankings
  • Increase clients

The question comes down to this:  Does your company have an Online Marketing Strategy in place?  If not, is your company ready to invest in an online marketing strategy that will increase new opportunities and help you get ahead of your competition?